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Written By Maximum WindowsPhone on 8 avr. 2018 | 04:06

Bendy Road is another best Jumper Games from Ketchapp
Move quick along the Bendy Road! Another way every time you play! 

Bendy Road Features :
◉ Avoid every one of the impediments and insane contraptions. 
◉ Find Speed Burst Powerups and leap forward everything in your way! 
◉ Play to gather focuses and diamonds to open new characters with extraordinary forces! 
◉ Complete missions for no particular reason and diamonds and return ordinary to get cool everyday rewards! 
◉ Get it now free and test your companions! 

How far would you be able to go on the Bendy Road?

Genre(s) : Arcade
Subcategories: Jumper Games
Require internet connection: No (Offline)
Size: 35 MB
Date Released: 2018-04-06
Platforms: iOS and Android
Developed By: Ketchapp
Languages: English 
Requirements: 4.0 and up

Google Play download Bendy Road URL:

iOS Games (iPhone - iPad - iPod Touch) :
App Store Link :

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